Wardrobes are one of the most essential items for furnishing a bedroom. Regardless of being a small or a master bedroom, a wardrobe is usually the first piece of furniture that you would think about, after the bed, while setting up a room. Today, you will find several inbuilt as well as portable wardrobe designs in Kenya. Out of which, the wardrobe designs in Tuskys, Jumia, and Naivas have been the popular ones. 

Wardrobes are the ideal storage cabinets for your bedroom. It is somewhat a replica of the dressing room that you would probably like to have in your room. It is not only a cheaper alternative to a classic dressing room but also has a unique design. This is especially because a family side is often associated with the wardrobe design in Kenya. The wardrobe holds memories of the country childhood.

Why You Should Opt For A Wardrobe?

In any case, it is difficult to manage without a wardrobe. It is an essential piece of furniture for storing clothes, shoes, bed linens, etc. In olden times, you would usually find quite imposing wardrobes in Kenya, however today, there are more practical cabinet designs available in the market that do not take too much space. The wood used in the cabinets is much thinner now. They are painted in sober shades and not the dark color of natural wood. They look more like the cabinets once found in the holiday inns.

What are the Different Types of Wardrobe Designs?

From ripped jeans, leather belts to expensive shoes, work pants, shorts, etc, wardrobes hold everything that you cart from your favorite fashion stores. It bears a huge load and is also frequently used. Therefore, you should always choose a wardrobe that best fits your needs and requirements. Do not worry if you are clueless about the types of wardrobe designs available these days. This guide will help you learn some of the different types of wardrobes and then decide to choose one.

Hinged Door Wardrobe

This is a conventional wardrobe design in which the door or the shutter is attached to the cabinet with strong hinges. The best advantage of using this wardrobe is that their doors can swing wide open outwardly and you can have a full view of the closet. This will help you spot things easily and quickly. You can also install hangers, racks, pockets, etc, inside this wardrobe to make space for different accessories. 

Free Standing Wardrobe

If you often change the overall layout of your home or make a shift frequently due to work or travel life, then this wardrobe is an ideal choice for you. These wardrobes not only offer space inside the wardrobe to store your stuff but also above it. In case you have a high ceiling in your bedroom, then you can make the best use of the vertical space. In addition, you are also flexible to choose colors, finishes, and door types for these wardrobes. It is always good to opt for free-standing wardrobes if your bedroom does not have space to accommodate large fitted wardrobes.

Sliding Door Wardrobe

This wardrobe comes with a contemporary design that is often opted by the modern elites in Kenya. This wardrobe is designed with sliding doors and metal tracks fixed to the top and bottom of the wardrobe. It does not rely on hinges for holding its doors. The biggest advantage of using a sliding door wardrobe is that its doors slide horizontally and thus save a lot of space in the room.


If you want to convert your bedroom into a functional space then look for tailor-made closets. An ideal wardrobe design can transform the most engaged corner of your bedroom into a highly workable space. Now that you know some of the common designs of wardrobes in Kenya, purchase one from a reliable furniture supplier.