It’s not an easy thing to print on plastics. Plastic Printing is done by UV inks, which is cured or dried by UV lights. While traditional printing inks are cured by heat, this does not work for Plastic Printing. The ink would wipe off easily, if you do not utilize the special ink specifically designed for Plastic Printing. 

Using UV ink to create the ink might crop up some problems. It becomes difficult to print accurately, as the heat from the lamps causes the material to misshape and warp. Thus, it requires years of experience in the field of UV Plastic Printing. Just scroll through to know some of the key benefits of Plastic Printing:-

Key Benefits of Plastic Printing:-

Compared to printing onto paper, Plastics are much more adaptable. Suppose you are thinking of printing a menu onto polyprop, which are a type of plastic material that can be printed on, it will be quite long lasting. Even if it gets wet, you just can gently wipe them clean, unlike a paper produced equivalent. Even if the paper versions are laminated, hotel door hangers will be much sturdier, even if they get pulled or knocked from a door. On the other hand, it had to be replaced if it was produced on paper, as it would tear far more easily. Thus, the customer has to spend more money to replace them in the long run. 

The sheer number of different materials you can print on plastics is another advantage of Plastic Printing. White ink printed on clear window stickers can be produced. There is no other way to print these window stickers. PVC is resisted by document wallets printed on recyclable Polyprop, and thus Plastic Printing finds wide applications in production of coasters and mouse mats. That the material protects the image, for this reason, these are printed in reverse, on to clear mark resistant PVC, after which white ink is applied. In order to ensure that the ink is completely safeguarded, a foam black is also applied after that. You get a professional and a polished look, just because of the feel and look you receive on Plastic Printing

While there are certain misconceptions as to the environmental side of things with Plastic Printing, but the actual fact is that companies which provide Plastic Printing services, recycle a large percentage of the waste material. After separating them accordingly, they are sold back to other companies where they are used as trays, pots, car parts and many more things. Plastic Printing Companies also make use of Propylene, which is a byproduct of all oil refineries. Also, Plastic Printing companies buy a large amount of recycled material. 

Taking all these factors into consideration, there is a lot more to Plastic Printing than you originally thought. The industry also fights back the environmental side of things by recycling, and making for stronger and longer lasting products. 

Why Plastic Printing is better than paper?

The graphic is as strong as the substrate that it is printed on. In order to captivate the attention of your intended audience, a long lasting engaging display is very essential and you require the right material for it, Plastic Printing. While most of the wide format digital printing products were conventionally produced on paper, nowadays many designers and retailers are switching to Plastic Printing. Not only are Plastic Printing more durable than paper, many of them are also quite ecofriendly. While some are 100% recyclable, more and more are being formulated to be bio degradable and contain recycled content. 

Key Takeaway:

Therefore, if you really want to enhance your brand and fortify your company messages, you should always look for companies providing Plastic Printing. Not to mention, Plastic Printing tops the list when it comes to durability and also the environmental concerns. Just get hold of the best companies providing Plastic Printing for your business which will also indirectly help to build up the image of your business.