Mental Health

Health is a common topic these days but is also the most misleading one today being healthy is always mistaken by six packs aab or by a zero figure. Here we would definitely talk about health but before talking about our physical health we are going to talk about our mental health. Yes, you have read it write. “Mental health” it is at most important and truly saying at most ignored by all of us. Now, what is it? Mental health is thinking healthy. Thinking healthy means thinking positive of yourself. The main problem with all of us is that we want to be healthy because we want to look good. We don’t think that health is going to increase our life span or is going to help us when we get old. No, nobody thinks that, everybody likes to stay in the present. And present is all about looking beautiful slim or having a good physique.

Do we all think in the same way? Are we really so stuck with this show game that we have actually forgotten the real us. Maybe majority of people believe in this show- sha but there are a handful of people who have thought differently without focusing on there outer looks and personality they have focused in there inner qualities they have worked for there inner happiness.

Let’s talk about people who have overcome all these myths and are loved by millions only because of their uniqueness. The very first example is of “Bharti Singh” the famous comedian and of course who is not aware of her. She might have reduced her weight but she was loved by all even then when she was in her previous weight. Without feeling inferior or without thinking much that what the world will say she has just focused on being happy and making others happy. Now, let’s talk about “Neha Kakad” even though she is not having a standard height which a girl should have still here unique voice is being loved by millions. She has just focused on her beautiful voice and she always sings with all her grace and everyone loves her a lot. Now the other inferior felling that people are having especially in India is being dark in color here we should look up to “Johnny Leaver” who does not know him. His mere presence make the entire environment humorous. Nobody lloks at his skin colour when he starts his comedy. So by looking at all these people we just realize one thing that none of them are concerned about any of their looks they have just focused on their unique ability to entertain themselves and others and that have made them our loved ones.

Everyone knows how to be healthy its always like eat healthy exercise and diet but here if we include only one thing then the entire concept of healthy life or happy life will be changed. And that one thing is always think about the good in you. Whatever you do it should please you. Now, Stop pleasing others weather the person is your husband or you wife or anyone of your near and dear because its never enough when we work for others. We think that caching our look for them will force them to love us but its not true, if they love us they will love us in every face of our life So first thing first relax give some time to yourself in the entire day. Go to the terrace or some park breath in some fresh air listen to your favorite music or if possible dance a little and from day one you will feel the difference in you. Stop overburdening yourself with irrelevant things like what others will think what will they say because no matter how hard you try or how excess you do for anyone its always going to be less for them but on the other hand if you do something for yourself it is better for you mental and physical health. And also it will give you inner peace.

Now people would wonder how to identify that we are mentally fit or not. Few signs of not being mentally fit is

  1. You find people often get angry for very little things. They get irritated very quickly they shout for no reason. These people needs some therapy like going on a trip and escaping from daily routine is very important for mental peace.
  2. Few people are found worrying on very small things. The things that others ignore. They always live in future and ignore there present life. They need some time for themselves. They need to relax listen to some music and dance.
  3. The people who don’t show any enthusiasm or are often spotted being lazy needs a vacation for there mental fitness.

So come on before starting any new routine or any new work that may need lots of your involvement just relax go for a vacation and prepare yourself mentally and physically and you will find a new you. A new person who will work in a double speed.

 So for now, think healthy of yourself concentrate on your uniqness and love yourself for that the world will surely love you back.